How Much Solar Energy is There?

It's estimated that about one-third solar power comes from small-scale photovoltaic generation. Now that estimate will be a more accurate count as the federal government begins a more diligent measurement. The Energy Information Administration will begin to count small-scale solar PV generation by state and sector in an effort to understand how much solar energy comes from roofs, in addition to community solar farms and utility-scale solar projects.

Solar electricity outshines other renewable alternatives

These days, the complexity of the renewable energy industry can be confusing. This is especially true for consumers who are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels to power their homes and businesses. The costs and benefits of the variety of renewable energy sources available differ significantly. Understanding those differences can help consumers choose the clean energy source that is right for them.

Solar beats other renewables for industry growth

America's attitude toward renewable energy is changing in a very positive way. As the environmental damage caused by climate change becomes more evident, Americans are looking to reduce their contribution to that phenomenon. In doing so, they are changing the mix of resources used to generate their electricity, and renewable resources are becoming increasingly important to the country's energy supply. Within the grab bag of renewable resources, the solar energy industry is leading the pack with the most growth, for some very compelling reasons.