Leasing solar generated electricity is easy

Many people would like to reduce their carbon footprint by using solar generated electricity in their homes or businesses. However, if you don't own your home, or aren't in a position to purchase a system by paying cash or assuming a loan, you may think you are not able to connect to the solar electricity community. Fortunately, today's emphasis on cleaner energy and environmental consciousness has given rise to options that allow almost everyone to have clean, non-polluting solar-generated electricity delivered to their homes.

Going Solar: Buy or Lease Solar Panels?

Thinking to buy or lease solar panels

The decision about whether to buy or lease solar panels depends on a person's situation in life and the financial goals they have in mind when considering solar. Before delving into which decision is better, let's clarify both options of buying vs leasing solar panels.

Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels

A Solar Lease is a form of third-party solar financing that allows more Americans to have the option of having solar installed for their home. When deciding between solar leasing vs buying, it is good to know that this type of financing is often times advantageous to anyone who do not have the cash to purchase the system out right, or have the financial goal in mind to just stop paying as much for electricity.

Enjoying Solar Power with Solar Leasing

Enjoying solar power with solar leasing

Before solar leasing became an option, solar panels installation has always been expensive and affordable only by the rich. For almost 30,000USD for purchasing the solar panels, it is no wonder why it took a long time before people realized how stable and secure solar power is and the endless benefits solar can offer.