Solar Panel Installation: How Long Does It Take?

Solar panel installation duration

Solar panel installation has gained popularity in the past few decades because of the continuous increase in energy costs. With its increasing demands and more people opting for renewable sources of energy, the government is giving its full support to reducing carbon footprint and saving the environment. The tax credits and incentives offered by states supporting green movement allow the return of investment in no time.

From LiveScience: How Do Tesla's Home Batteries Work?

This great article from LiveScience can be found here:

Our world continues to go solar, and now you can even have a backup battery for your home vs. the costly and dangerous gas powered generators. Go Tesla!

"Last week, Tesla Motors announced an ambitious new product line: batteries to power homes or businesses. The idea is that homes and businesses powered by solar panels could harvest and store energy during the day that could be used to run homes at night, or be used as a backup during a power outage.

Installing Solar Panels Yourself vs Hiring a Company

Solar panels self installation

Utility prices have been getting more expensive in the past few years but the viability of harnessing solar power has given residential owners alternative options for sources of energy.

Solar panels installations are actually becoming popular in different states because of its ease of installation.