How Much Solar Energy is There?

It's estimated that about one-third solar power comes from small-scale photovoltaic generation. Now that estimate will be a more accurate count as the federal government begins a more diligent measurement. The Energy Information Administration will begin to count small-scale solar PV generation by state and sector in an effort to understand how much solar energy comes from roofs, in addition to community solar farms and utility-scale solar projects.

Clean Power Plan encourages solar development

By signing two documents in 2015, one in August and the other in December, President Obama ushered in a new era in American energy production.

Innovation advances the solar power industry

In the past century, industrial innovation has advanced at a faster pace than ever before. People born in the sod huts of the Great Plains settlers grew old in the eras of supersonic air travel and men walking on the moon. As the environmental challenges posed by that growth became apparent, international industry turned its attention to mitigating the damaging effects caused by the smokestacks of mechanization.