Solar Joy helps homeowners capture financial incentives

Institutions that have an interest in solar photovoltaic (PV) power -- governments, environmental organizations and industry participants included -- are looking to encourage the public to join them on their "clean energy" mission. To invite the highest level of public participation, industry sectors have developed innovative strategies to ensure that every person who wants solar power can get solar power. For governments, rebates and tax incentives reduce PV system prices and allow for increased property values without increasing property taxes.

Southern California Edison Rate Increase

Bad news of Edison rate increase

There was a Southern California Edison rate increase announced recently. Southern California Edison has more than 10 million customers who have the pleasure of experiencing a whopping 8% rate hike again this year.

The state Public Utilities Commission approved of another energy rate increase in June 2014 that would cause a burden to most of its customers in the down economy with a quickly shrinking middle class.

The Edison rate increase is attributed to the increase in natural gas prices and the restructuring of the natural gas industry.

Solar electricity avoids fossil fuel industry costs

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the first electric grid system switched on, people were amazed by the clean, clear light. The smoky, smelly fuel source that generated the light -- coal or gas -- was now removed from their home; they could see, day and night, without the oily smell or threat of fire. To them, electric light was truly a miracle.