Innovation advances the solar power industry

In the past century, industrial innovation has advanced at a faster pace than ever before. People born in the sod huts of the Great Plains settlers grew old in the eras of supersonic air travel and men walking on the moon. As the environmental challenges posed by that growth became apparent, international industry turned its attention to mitigating the damaging effects caused by the smokestacks of mechanization.

Solar energy industry will respond to Paris agreement

Three independent forces are converging to push the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry to the top of the renewable energy list. As America emerges from the Great Recession, people are finding work in the solar PV industry and saving money on their utility bills by installing solar PV systems on their homes and businesses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is crafting new standards to limit the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by public and private utility companies. And, in December 2015, leaders from almost every country in the world met in Paris and agreed to work together to significantly reduce their national carbon emissions. As far as renewable energy goes, the world is on a roll.

No moving parts makes maintaining solar PV systems easy

You've probably seen solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on your neighbor's roofs. Commercial buildings often sport an "array" of solar panels, as well, sometimes hung almost vertically on exterior walls. Many people wonder about the difficulty of maintaining a solar PV system when its parts are placed in such precarious locations. However, understanding how a solar PV system works will dispel that concern and reveal how easy owning and maintaining a solar PV system can be.