Homeowner Minimum Requirements to Lease Solar Panels

Minimum requirements to lease solar panels

Qualified and eligible homeowners get many advantages when they lease solar panels, but what are these qualifications and what do they mean? To understand the concepts, it is important to first understand the solar panel lease.

Solar Panel Lease

A Solar Panel Lease, such as ones offered from Solar Joy, Solar City, Sungevity, or Sunrun, is a form of "third-party solar financing" that allows more Americans to have the option of having solar installed for their home. This type of financing is often times advantageous to anyone who do not have the cash to purchase the solar panel system out right, or have the financial goal in mind to just stop paying as much for electricity.

What to Know About Solar Power Lease

Solar power lease is like car leasing

Solar power is slowly becoming a viable option for an alternative source of energy. As such, installation of solar panels is becoming popular to more and more homeowners. Although it is a bit expensive and initially heavy on the pockets, there are solar power lease options available to realize the pros of solar panels for homeowners.

Solar Power Leasing

Homeowners who do not have the funds for purchasing their own solar panels installation have the option of solar power leasing. This financing option can be compared to leasing a car, where customers can rent a car and drive it anywhere, without the need to pay a large amount. Leasing solar power, in short, allows you to use solar panels for generating electricity without having to pay upfront.

3 Positive Effects of Solar Energy for Homeowners

Positive effects of solar energy

Solar panels installation is slowly gaining popularity because of the benefits solar energy has to offer. However, the cost of the materials and the labor costs for the installation are costly, which always leaves the question of how long homeowners will get their return on investment.