Solar beats other renewables for industry growth

America's attitude toward renewable energy is changing in a very positive way. As the environmental damage caused by climate change becomes more evident, Americans are looking to reduce their contribution to that phenomenon. In doing so, they are changing the mix of resources used to generate their electricity, and renewable resources are becoming increasingly important to the country's energy supply. Within the grab bag of renewable resources, the solar energy industry is leading the pack with the most growth, for some very compelling reasons.

Clean Power Plan encourages solar development

By signing two documents in 2015, one in August and the other in December, President Obama ushered in a new era in American energy production.

How solar homes reduce carbon emissions

Looking at the average American home, it's hard to imagine how it could be responsible for emitting anything, much less environment-killing carbon and greenhouse gases (GHG). Most homes sit quietly in their communities and display no evidence of the black smog or smoke that is typically associated with greenhouse gases.